Hey Sustainable Athletes!

The final part of our introduction is out now. Meet Saraï Pannekoek, an entrepreneur, elite performance dietitian, researcher and lover of plants. In this episode, Paul interviews Saraï about her passions, work ethics and her transformation.

About Saraï

Saraï is the founder of Nourishmentis -Where Science Roots in Spirit-, which is all about nourishment of the mind so that healthy and sustainable choices can be made. She works with elite athletes, plant-based athletes and athletes with eating disorders. She’s also an author of the book Eat like an athlete, and currently writing her second book which is all about sustainable food patterns.

The following subjects will be discussed:

3:15 Daily life
5:08 Saraï’s view on healthy nutrition
6:18 Coaching in nutrition
7:10 Why you should not think in ‘good’ and ‘bad’ nutrition
8:30 Why food literacy is so important
9:43 Saraï’s own experience with competition in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and making weight
14:00 She speaks about the results of her master thesis about the effects of rapid weight loss on performance
17:05 How you can find your way through all the nutrition ‘news’ and tips to get informed in a good way
23:24 Why you should not set new year resolutions ;-)
26:01 Saraï 2019 challenge on not buying any clothes
28:29 Her view on fast fashion
32:30 Self-improvement: what this means to her and how she applies this in her daily life
35:38 Books
37:00 Atomic Habits – James Clear
37:45 Drawdown, and why everyone should know about this book
39:41 Saraï ultimate tip on sustainable habits

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