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Humans connect through sports. We unite as one team. Although exercise and nature go hand in hand, the world of sports is not as green as we would like it to be. Think of all those plastic bottles left at events, junk food in the canteens and monotonous movements in the gym. Is this the way we want it to be?

The Sustainable Athlete foundation wants to create a positive impact by stimulating athletes to become more sustainable and to lead by example.
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We are exhausting the planet

Even though we are taking great care of ourselves at the gym, on the track, and in the pool, we are not taking good care of the planet. Resources are getting exhausted, food is wasted and oceans are full of plastic.

Let us work on our own health and performance, as well as the future of our planet.


Become a Sustainable Athlete

We help you GROW into a sustainable athlete, coach or sports professional, and thus overall sustainable human being. Let’s combine all these hours of training while taking care of our planet.

As Nelson Mandela said: “Sport has the power to change the world.”


You are aware, informed, and you walk the talk

Sustainable Athletes are role models within sports who are informed and lead by example. Sustainable Athletes walk the walk and talk the talk. They take care of their health, performance, and wellbeing while taking responsibility for their surroundings. They are aware of their footprint and try to reduce it when possible.

Sustainable Athletes are here to stay.


Sports as a way to improve the planet

We envision a world where sports and nature go hand in hand again. A world in which we can perform at our very best NOW, as well as the next seven generations of athletes to come. The New World starts right here.

We are excited to welcome you as a new generation of sustainable athletes!

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Because every action causes a ripple effect, and as one drop becomes many, the ripple becomes a wave. Join the wave!

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We are a 100% non-profit foundation. This means that your donation goes straight to the mission we want to accomplish: creating a sustainable sports environment. The team does not take any reimbursement for the work they do regarding this foundation.