YES Sustainable Athletes. The moment has arrived: we are fully switched to English for all of our future podcast episodes! Woohoo! So, during this Sustainable Athlete podcast we talk about movement is our nature, the importance of movement and some guidelines for you how to improve your own movements with some examples you can start implementing right now in your home. Paul talks about his philosophical take on movement and why it is so essential for us humans.
4:30: “The whole reason why we are who we are is because of movement” 
5:00: Talking about the evolution of movement
6:00: What does it mean to ‘improve your movement’
7:30: Every movement pattern is constructed of smaller stable patterns.
8:30: Why it is important to have variability in movement? Naturally we have variability in our environment and our movement system needs to adapt to those differences, that’s why our body needs this variation to function healthy.
11:30: The importance of implicit learning and how the water tools that Paul developed help in this learning process
14:00: Why most traditional exercises are too limited for our movement system, why we need to move through all 3 planes to move the whole body structure in all directions for optimal health.
16:00 Sarai and Paul talking about movement analysis, looking at the limiting factors in running
19:00 How even athletes who train a lot can be deprived of movement
19:30 Movement snacks: providing some tips how to build in more movement during your day
4 Examples of movement snack you can try at home (see video’s on our instagram account:
  • Standing Hip Raises
  • Wall Hip Locks (Frans Bosch drills)
  • Kneeling Hip Locks
  • Seating 90/90 + Hip stretch
Take home message: we are made to move! Our movement is the foundation of our quality of life.
Play and have fun!