Saraï & Paul are recording from their kitchen table during this podcast as the podcast studio is closed. As everybody knows we are facing challenging times during this global COVID-19 outbreak. During this episode Saraï and Paul share their thoughts on the current situation and their daily practices as well as ways for you to take care of yourself in the best possible way during this period. 
You’ll learn more about:
  • How can you take care of your personal health and the collective health;
  • How can you make the best out of the situation;
  • How to use your time in the best possible way and use the opportunity.
Listen to the Sustainable Athlete Podcast episode #11:
07:00 We talk about daily routines and habits
08:00 Start the day with how you want to feel this day
11:30 This time is an opportunity to slow down, what do you notice inside of you, what emotions do you feel? Can you embrace them?
12:00 Meditation, the importance of breathing exercises and a few examples of practical and powerful breathing exercises.
14:30 The benefits of visualisation, the science behind it and how to apply it
17:00 Eating habits and your relation with food
19:15 Focus on the things you can control, not the things you can’t.
19:50 Now is the time to create different and better habits, learn how to do it.
20:45 Challenge yourself, look at this time as your challenge
21:00 Learn about different things to challenge yourself physically
Follow the guidelines, wash your hands, keep distance, be safe and make the best out of it for yourself and others! Keep smiling and playing. Speak soon on the next podcast!