In this episode of the Sustainable Athlete Podcast Saraï & Paul talk about Mindset! Most people know the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset, but what does it actually mean in practice? That’s what this podcast episode is all about! Paul and Saraï talk about mindset and how it can affect your behaviour and development in sports and other areas of life.

You will learn more about:

  • How personal experiences can shape your mindset.
  • How good coaching can support a growth mindset.
  • The power of play and exploration and a lot more.

Listen to the Sustainable Athlete Podcast episode #12:
2:00: Paul and Saraï talk about their personal experiences and how it shaped their mindset.
6:00: Why telling kids that they are talented is the worst thing you can do.
7:00: How a mindset is context dependent and can change depending on different areas or skills.
9:00: Why evolving towards a growth mindset really helps your development in sports.
11:00: It’s not about accepting everything a coach says, it is about taking the ownership in the process.
12:00: Why it is important to play and learn to know what your boundaries are and explore!
14:30: The Athletic Skills Model for talent development in sports. Paul shares some examples of practical applications within programs he is involved in.
17:45: How ‘getting exposed’ helps to train the mindset.
20:00: Some recommendations if you want to learn more about mindset.
21:00: The power of thoughts and words: how your self-talk affects your mindset.
22:45: Sarai talks about how you can create more space between your thoughts and yourself.

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