Let’s forward to twenty years from now

Our mission is to create awareness for our health, performance and wellbeing and its interconnectedness with our planet. Our vision is that sport has the power to create a positive impact from the individual athlete to the planet’s collective.

Become part of the movement and increase awareness for taking care of our planet, since everything is related. Help us to create a sustainable sports environment, so that together we can be the change!

We can’t be healthy without a healthy planet.

– David Suzuki

Manifesto of Sustainable Athletes

We are here to create Sustainable Athletes.
Sustainable Athletes take care of themselves and the environment they live in.
They take care of their health, performance and wellbeing.
They take responsibility of their surroundings and leave places better than how they found it.
Sustainable Athletes are conscious about the choices they have on a daily base.
They are aware of their footprint and try to reduce it when possible.
Sustainable Athletes are mindful.
Sustainable Athletes are resilient.
Sustainable Athletes are role models.
They lead by example.
They show the next generation about the possibilities and the positive impact that can be created.
They show their own generation to stand up for something.
Sustainable Athletes think globally and act locally.
Sustainable Athletes know there’s a different way.
Sustainable Athletes are here to stay.