Hi Sustainable Athletes! 

We are super excited to share our second Sustainable Athlete Podcast episode with you.

In this episode Saraï interviews Paul on his personal background, interests and work. Listen to this podcast and learn more about the co-host Paul Venner and what drives him to pursue his path.

This episode again is in Dutch, but we will be switching to English pretty soon, so all non-Dutch speaking athletes and professionals can listen to our podcast as well!

“Every setback gives a chance to grow. If you take this opportunity, you’ll get out even stronger.””

Learn what Paul does in his daily life:

2:35: Pauls big realisation on what’s going wrong in many training settings
3:40: How Paul got involved in working in professional sports
4:50: Pauls first invention, the Aquabag and how he developed the concept and company Ultimateinstability.
6:55: Sarais first time experience using an Aquabag
7:40: The science behind the training concept of Ultimateinstability
9:30: Why creating overload in training doesn’t have to mean adding weights
10:30: What does movement variability mean for Paul
12:30: Learn about Pauls attitude against setbacks, how to deal with setbacks
13:45 How to create obstacles and setbacks in training to utilise growth
14:30 The role of gymnastics and athletics in physical training for field sports
18:25: Why variation has to be implemented with purpose and goal
18:55: Pauls definition of sustainability and his affinity with this subject
20:00: The importance of taking care of your environment in order to take care of yourself
20:30: Pauls experiences driving an electric car and how this changed his behaviour in other areas
25:00: Learn all about movement snacks!
27:40: How you can change your environment to change your behaviour
30:00: Some book suggestions by Paul
32:00: Pauls tip to increase sustainable habits
33:45: Where to find more information about Paul

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Our favourite quotes from this episode:

“Waarom trainen we zo voorspelbaar in de fitness, therapie of sport, streven naar perfectie, herhaling na herhaling de momenten die cruciaal zijn in het dagelijks leven of op het sportveld juist onvoorspelbaar zijn en plotseling gebeuren.”

“Zorg voor obstakels. Elk probleem is ook een oplossing.” Luister naar de Sustainable Athlete Podcast aflevering 2 met @PaulVenner. #sustainableathlete #paulvenner Share on X “Als je je gedrag wilt veranderen moet je je omgeving veranderen.” - Paul Venner Luister naar zijn hele verhaal via de Sustainable Athlete Podcast, afl. 2! #sustainableathlete Share on X