Hi Sustainable Athletes,

We are so stoked to let you all know that our very first episode of the Sustainable Athlete Podcast is out NOW! 

In this episode we introduce ourselves briefly and talk about the big WHY. WHY did we start the Sustainable Athlete Foundation? WHY did we start the podcast? Listen to this podcast and learn more about the background of the founders and show-hosts Saraï Pannekoek and Paul Venner.

For the record: the podcast is in Dutch for now! Sorry for all non-Dutch speaking people.


#1 – Introduction

So what will be discussed in this very first introduction episode:

  • 1:20 Paul’s passion for movement and performance optimisation
  • 2:10 How Paul’s view on movement led to training innovations with Ultimateinstability
  • 11:40 Paul’s view on sustainability in sports
  • 14:40 Sarai’s work as sports performance dietitian
  • 17:00 How Sarai’s interest in behaviour and food led to Nourishmentis
  • 18:00 How did Sarai’s passion for sports and nutrition emerge?
  • 20:32 Sarai’s view on sustainability in sports
  • 22:30 Sarai’s view on sustainable food habits
  • 24:18 Why did we start the Sustainable Athlete Foundation?
  • 35:27 What or who are Sustainable Athletes?
  • 37:50 How to become a Sustainable Athlete ambassador
  • 40:47 How to contribute to our cause!

Get a listen and let us know what you think about it. We appreciate your support! And if you like this initiative, please share it also with friends, teammates, family members (you name it) and leave a review on iTunes. 

Sustainable Athlete's podcast is out now! Listen to the first episode, where Paul & Saraï speak about their big WHY. #sustainableathlete Share on X