Sustainable Athlete Podcast #7 – ‘Jump of the Cliff’ with Rachel Balkovec

What’s up Sustainable Athletes! In this episode we have Rachel Balkovec in the studio with us. Rachel is the first female Strength coach within the MLB system in baseball. She is currently studying here in Amsterdam for her Research Masters in human movement science and in her free time working with the baseball and softball [...]

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Sustainable Athlete Podcast – #6 OUR PLANET

Hey Sustainable Athlete! We zijn weer super stoked om een nieuwe podcastaflevering met jullie te delen, zo vlak voordat we weer naar de stembussen mogen! Deze podcastaflevering gaat over Our Planet: een achtdelige natuurdocumentaire op Netflix. En dit is niet zomaar een natuurdocumentaire, want Our Planet legt vast welke gevolgen klimaatverandering op dit moment heeft. [...]

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Sustainable Athlete Podcast #4 – Veganism

Whatsup Sustainable Athlete's! Another podcast episode we recorded for you, and this time it's all about VEGANISM. A subject close to our hearts, and we thought it'd be great to inform you about this topic. Listen to this great conversation between Paul and Saraï about plant-based nutrition related to sports performance, sustainability and more. For [...]

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Sustainable Athlete Podcast #2 – Meet Paul Venner

Hi Sustainable Athletes!  We are super excited to share our second Sustainable Athlete Podcast episode with you. In this episode Saraï interviews Paul on his personal background, interests and work. Listen to this podcast and learn more about the co-host Paul Venner and what drives him to pursue his path. This episode again is in [...]

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Sustainable Athlete Podcast #1 – Introduction

Hi Sustainable Athletes, We are so stoked to let you all know that our very first episode of the Sustainable Athlete Podcast is out NOW!  In this episode we introduce ourselves briefly and talk about the big WHY. WHY did we start the Sustainable Athlete Foundation? WHY did we start the podcast? Listen to this [...]

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