Dutch Athletes and Their Menu For Tomorrow – Part I

Hi Sustainable Athlete! Here at the foundation we put contributing to a more sustainable food system high on our menu. We love to educate you on this subject, so we'd love to share our current views about the athlete's menu for tomorrow. Currently, our atmosphere is heating up due to green house gas emissions. The [...]

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Exercise suggestion: The Circulair Breath

Hey Sustainable Athlete! Worried, anxious or in doubt? Breathe it out. Whatever happens, you can always go back to the base: your breath. In the midst of the moment, try going back to it. Feel your breath, with every inhale and every exhale. By being connected to your breath, you are connected to your body [...]

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8 Ways to Tackle Your Plastic Consumption

Hi there, Sustainable Athlete! Did you know that 4,8 to 12,7 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans, annually? That’s about 15 plastic grocery bags stuffed with plastic on every meter coastline worldwide. Wow. And did you know that it takes at least 400 years for plastic to dissolve? That's a lot of [...]

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