Hey Sustainable Athlete!

Worried, anxious or in doubt? Breathe it out.

Whatever happens, you can always go back to the base: your breath. In the midst of the moment, try going back to it. Feel your breath, with every inhale and every exhale. By being connected to your breath, you are connected to your body and this will clear your mind. Worries, anxiety and doubts are created by our thoughts, so therefore the breath is such a powerful tool to create some space.

An exercise suggestion to try out this upcoming week:

The Circulair Breath

Find some space to sit or lay down.

Relax and start focussing on your breath.

For 10 minutes, try to inhale deep and exhale without any pauses in between. This way your breath is connected. So breathe innnn… and breathe out, breathe innn….. aaaand breathe out.

10 minutes, you got this!



You Can Always Relax More.


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