About us

Sustainable Athlete Foundation

We are here to develop Sustainable Athletes by focussing on health, performance and environment. We empower athletes, teams and their organisation to beat the change. Let us inform and inspire you, so that together we can take action.

Sustainable Athlete Foundation is founded by two professionals in elite sports performance who see the opportunities that sports provide to improve our awareness of sustainability and the impact we make not only on ourselves but also our environment.

Through collaborative partnerships we support projects that help improve sustainability in sports.

What we offer

Individual Coaching

A 1-on-1 service from either Paul or Saraï in their field of expertise.

For athletes only.


A course to flow sustainable practices through your organization.

For federations and organizations.


A hands-on workshop to inform, inspire and take action.

For you, you and everyone!


New cool projects to create a healthier and more sustainable sports environment.

For you, you and everyone! 

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The Founders

Saraï Pannekoek

Sports performance dietitian

In the 6+ years that I’ve been working as a sports performance dietitian, it never ceases to amaze me how challenging nutrition can be. Not only through the hypes and fads, but also in the routines.

I realized how much positive change was made when my clients, often elite and Olympic athletes, make more sustainable food choices throughout the year. Not only for their own health and performance, but also for their environment and our planet. As if they were challenged for a bigger cause. For example: eating from a more plant-based perspective equals to a lower carbon footprint, a higher fiber intake and more variation throughout the year, while using less plastic means more whole food products and less crap.

People have always called me a treehugger. Probably because I became a vegetarian at age 13 and was a little Greenpeace activist. Therefore it is my mission to contribute to the food transition, and combine ecology, health & performance in the future of sports nutrition as an integrated approach.


Paul Venner

Athletic performance coach

Movement is what fascinates me the most in life, it is this fascination that led me to study the complex movement behavior of living systems. Whether it is the movement in evolution, ecology or human performance. I believe that all of these aspects go hand-in-hand and together are important for optimizing training and performing in elite sports and other aspects of life.

This is how I developed my own training concepts and equipment under the flag of Ultimateinstability® by looking at nature and the functioning of biological systems. This study and the science behind it led me to an integrated approach to movement and optimization of performance. An approach that actually transfers to the challenges that we face in reality and prepare us for the unexpected events in life.

I’ve always had a strong interest in health from a more holistic viewpoint and more generally the wellbeing of the earth and all of its ecosystems. This way, this foundation really matches my inner beliefs of combining both ecology, health, and performance.


Our story

Back in 2015, while we were both working in elite sports, we watched another documentary about the negative impact that people have on the planet. Although we were both touched, hope settled in and the seed of the Sustainable Athlete was planted: a combination of the love for sports and taking care of Planet Earth.

The seed was germinated towards the end of 2017, when we went to the Amazon in Brazil for a few weeks. Right there we saw with our own eyes the devastating effect of cutting down the rainforest, in order to make place for grazing cows and soy fields. We also had many conversations with local people (like shamans and indigenous tribes) and the urgency of action became very clear. This empowered our mission even more: raising consciousness and creating awareness for sustainability in sports and through sports.

The Foundation was officially founded in 2018!

Sustainable Athlete Foundation contributes to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: