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Want to help out and make your local sports environment more sustainable? You can help us by spreading the word and contribute with your own skills and expertise. Walk the talk!

Are you already a Sustainable Athlete? Send in your photo for the Sustainable Athlete Gallery!

We need your help because the time is NOW.

How can I contribute?


Take care of yourself
  • Become a Sustainable Athlete
  • Read, live and share our Manifesto
  • Stop buying unnecessary sport clothes
  • Stop accepting free goodies during events
  • Drink tap water whenever you can
  • Buy local, seasonal, and fresh foods
  • Eat less meat and more plants
  • Make your own sports bars
  • Buy powdered sports drinks


Take care of your sports environment
  • Print our poster and share
  • Stop using single-use plastics
  • Leave any place better than how you found it
  • Separate waste whenever you can
  • Wash your sports gear with cold water and hang to dry
  • Organise Karma Runs to clean up
  • Pick up trash: one piece a day


Take care of your sports event
  • Collaborate with eco-friendly organizations
  • Stop using single-use plastic bottles
  • Stop giving goodie bags
  • Create a circular system within your event
  • Collaborate with locals
  • Share our manifesto
  • Leave the place better than how you found it
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We are currently looking for volunteers:

Creatives and content editors. Help us spread our message by making powerful visuals worth sharing.
Bloggers. Help us writing down some good knowledge in the fields of sports performance, nutrition, movement, mindset, and sustainability.
Event managers. Help us creating new events to get more people into action.

And more, just send us a message if you think you can contribute to your field of expertise!

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